Autodesk Bonus Tool - Drawing Tabs (0.2 MB)    Downloads [3707]

[FREE] This utility allows you to quickly navigate the files which are currently open in your drawing session, it's one of AutoDesk's bonus tools.

This version is compatible with AutoCAD version 2007, 2008 & 2009


Drawing Tabs / Manager (0.3 MB)    Downloads [3933]

[FREE] Drawing Tabs/Manager places tabs at the bottom or top of the document window. For further info visit CAE-Link

This version is compatible with AutoCAD version 2005 - 2009


FrameUp MDI Document Tabs for AutoCAD Readme file (1.7 KB)    Downloads [4180]

Here's a great Multi Document Tab program for AutoCAD.
FrameUp has been around since 2002 & is very stable, two of it's main features are the xref drop & personal menu. With xref drop you can drop a drawing tab onto another drawing tab and have it inserted as an xref or an overlay and it also comes with additional xref tools in the VLX file. The personal menu is displayed by right clicking the drawing tab then selecting the personal menu from the menu displayed. This personal menu can be customised the same as other AutoCAD menu's using the CUI command. This is not a free program but you can request a demo from the author, to get a demo send the author an email (see email address at bottom of authors web page) stating what version of AutoCAD is being used and what type of operating system 32bit or 64bit.
Here is a link to the authors web site: FrameUp Web Site


SuperFlatten (23.8 KB)    Downloads [3753]

[FREE] A great utility for flattening objects. Produced by Joe Burke, for more info see this thread at The Swap SuperFlatten.